7th Tensions of Europe Conference

3 September - 6 September 2015
Loation:Stockholm, Sweden

The 7th Tensions of Europe Conference will take place in 

Stockholm, September 3‐6, 2015.

Conference theme: Technology – Nature – Environment

One way of understanding the environment is to think of it as nature appropriated by

humanity, an appropriation through and by technological, scientific and representational means. We use the resources of the earth to sustain our lives at scales spanning farming to space travel. Different kinds of technology leave various traces behind in altered environments. Changes at global historical and geological scales are accumulated as heritage and geophysical strata respectively. The intersection of technology and the environment can also be understood culturally or socially. We use technology in our understanding and appreciation of nature (religious, poetic or physical), in monitoring it, assessing it, representing it. Further, technology can be a lens and a tool in shaping our relation to the environment. In analogy with the termenvironing (Sörlin & Warde, Nature’s End, 2009) understood as the processes through which humans and societies transform nature, we could think of environing technologies which are used in these processes and which can be identified on several timescales and on multiple spatial levels. Environing technologies not only assist in shaping and transforming nature, they also assist us to perceive, observe, record, and communicate natures and environments, including imaginative representations of techno‐natures in art, literature, and film.


The conference also invites scholarship under the general themes of the Tensions of Europe network, such as for example trans‐border flows, common resources, conflicting interests, hidden integration and cultural practices.


We not only invite traditional panel‐sessions with a number of papers and a commentator, but also strongly encourage different formats and new ideas. As long as quality can be demonstrated, the programme committee will not prioritize between formats. By quality we mean suggestions that promise constructive, stimulating and engaging discussion.


A first formal call for papers will be circulated in the fall of 2014. Welcome to Stockholm!


Nina Wormbs

PhD, Associate Professor

Head of Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Tensions of Europe is a network of historians of technology that biannually arranges a conference trying to engage scholars also in nearby disciplines and with complementing, disagreeing and engaging interests. (http://www.tensionsofeurope.eu/) The conference is hosted and organized by the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, together