Book presentation: Writing the Rules for Europe. Experts, Cartels, and International Organizations

21 October - 21 October 2014
Loation:College of Europe, Dijver, Bruges campus

Wolfram Kaiser presents "Writing the Rules for Europe", a history book he has co-authored with Professor Johan Schot. This book analyses how experts, cartels and international organizations have written the rules for Europe since around 1850. Based on fresh research in the archives of multiple international organizations and European countries it explores the 'hidden integration' of Europe – forms of integration that were not always visible, but affected the citizens of Europe in their everyday lives. The book decentres the present-day European Union in a new long-term understanding of European integration.

The presentation will be followed by comments by Professors FRANK and BOUZA and a Q&A with students.

Location: Dijver, Bruges campus, Dijver 11, 8000  Bruges, Belgium
Time: 20:15:00-22:00:00

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