Panel at European Studies Conference

29 June - 29 June 2012
Loation: Portsmouth, UK
Organizer: Centre for European and International Studies Research (CEISR)

European Integration through the Lens of Technology: the Longue Durée

Parallel Session 3 (29 June 9.00-10.45)


This panel will discuss three of six books in a new book series provisionally entitled Making Europe, 1850-2000, which will come out with Palgrave from 2013. All three books and papers take a pan-European transnational perspective and address interlinked dimensions of European integration broadly speaking, studied here through the lens of technology: the role of International Organizations, of experts and knowledge societies, and of users of technology. After a brief outline of the book plan, each paper will focus on discussing the challenge of working across sub-disciplinary boundaries in Modern History (history of technology, political, economic, social, and gender history) and how to relate to, and integrate into the research and writing strategy, findings from other disciplines, especially the social sciences.