Session at European Social Science History Conference

11 April - 11 April 2012
Loation: Glasgow, UK
Organizer: Matthias Middell and Erik van der Vleuten

M-4  -  WOR05: Making Europe. Technology and Transformations 1850-2000
Main Building: Melville
During this meeting four manuscripts of the Making Europe book series were discussed. The meeting was well-visited by a broad audience of vistors representing the fields of European studies, European history, and Environmental history.  


Network: World History
Network: Technology
Organiser: Matthias Middell
Organiser: Erik Van der Vleuten



Chair: Frank Schipper
Discussant: Matthias Middell
Discussant: Ruth Oldenziel

Erik Van der Vleuten Infrastructuring Europe: Technology, Society, and Nature in Transition
Andreas Fickers, Pascal Griset Eventing Europe.
Johan Schot The Origins of a European Technocracy, or the Governing of Europe by experts
Philip Scranton Introduction to the Making Europe book series