SHOT Annual Meeting

6 November - 9 November 2014
Loation: Dearborn, Michigan

There will be a session about the Making Europe book series during the annual meeting of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), which will be held in Dearborn, Michigan 6 November - 9 November.

Johan Schot, Ruth Oldenziel and Arne Kaijser will be present to discuss their Making Europe books and the Inventing Europe digital museum. Also present will be Nina Wormbs as the chair and Rosalind Williams as commentator. 

Session: Saturday, 8 November 3:30–5:00 PM

Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850–2000

Organizer: Arne Kaijser (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Chair: Nina Wormbs (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Commentator: Rosalind Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

- Suzanne Lommers (Foundation for the History of Technology, Netherlands) and Johan Schot (Sussex University, United Kingdom): Inventing Europe: A Digital Science and Technology Museum Inventing Europe
- Ruth Oldenziel (Eindhoven Technical University, Netherlands): The People Who Shaped Europe: Users, Tinkerers, Rebels
- Arne Kaijser (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Europe’s Infrastructure Transition:Economy, War, Nature
- Johan Schot (Sussex University, United Kingdom): Writing the Rules for Europe: Experts, Cartels and International Organizations

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Go to their website for more information about SHOT: http://www.historyoftechnology.org/features/annual_meeting/