Johan Schot Receives Honorary Degree in Lisbon. Accolade for History of Technology

21 March 2017

Johan Schot will be awarded an honorary degree by the New University of Lisbon (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) for his work in the discipline,...


Incorrect invoices Springer Verlag

14 November 2016

Palgrave Macmillan dispatched the 5th volume of Making Europe (Europeans Globalizing: Mapping, Exploiting, Exchanging) to everyone who pre-ordered the...


Europeans Globalizing: Mapping, Exploiting, Exchaning published

25 October 2016

Recently the fifth volume of the book series ‘Making Europe:Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000’ has been published. It concerns the...


Fourth Making Europe volume available

10 November 2015

‘Europe’s Infrastructure Transition’ - the fourth Making Europe volume available The fourth volume of the book series Making Euro...


Johan Schot receives Leonardo da Vinci Medal

4 November 2015

Johan Schot receives Leonardo da Vinci Medal for contribution to the history of technology Johan Schot, one of the founders of the Tensions of Europe...


Freeman Award for ‘Making Europe’

23 September 2014

The book series Making Europe. Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000 has been awarded the prestigious Freeman Award by the European...


Successful debate ‘How innovative is the Europe of the future’ in Museum Boerhaave

3 July 2014

On Tuesday June 24 Museum Boerhaave and the Foundation for the History of Technology organized the debate: ‘How Innovative i...


Second volume of the Making Europe book series is out!

8 May 2014

Building Europe on Expertise: Innovators, Organizers, Networkers, the second volume of Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850-2...


'Building Europe on Expertise' will be published in April

12 March 2014

  Building Europe on Expertise: Innovators, Organizers, Networkers, second volume of Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850-20...


First Two Volumes Making Europe Presented Sepember 19

16 September 2013

On September 19 2013 the first two volumes of the book series Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000 will be presented to Androulla ...


Now online! The programme of the Paris conference

13 May 2013

The programme of the Sixth Plenary Conference of Tensions of Europe is now online at All papers and sess...


Call for papers ToE Paris

16 January 2013

The next Tensions of Europe conference will take place in Paris September 19-21 2013 at the Université Paris-Sorbonne. Paper pro...


Inventing Europe blog on Europeana's professional website

4 December 2012

Today online: The first of a series of blog posts about Inventing Europe on Europeana's Professional website! Read all about "An Online European Histo...


Sixth Tensions of Europe Conference, Paris, September 19-21, 2013

21 November 2012

Democracy and Technology: Europe under Tensions, XIXth-XXth C. is the subject of the Sixth Tensions of Europe Conference that will be organized i...


Fifth Tensions of Europe conference, Copenhagen, 3-4 October 2012

8 February 2012

The fifth Tensions of Europe conference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 October, 2012, prior to the Annual Meeting of SHOT in ...


In retrospective: Making Europe workshop III

6 December 2011

On October 14-15, 2011, the project teams of the Making Europe book series and the Virtual Exhibit spent two days in Geldrop (The Netherlands) to disc...


Stylesheet for Making Europe authors

10 October 2011

The Guideline for authors Making Europe book series by Phil Scranton and Jan Korsten can be downloaded here....


Making Europe website launched

20 September 2011

During the NIAS Making Europe Workshop II in Wassenaar from 11-13 May 2010, the website for the Making Europe book series was launched. The w...


First chapters of volumes under review

20 September 2011

The NIAS period came to an end. This summer the first chapters of all volumes of the book series will be reviewed by Palgrave. The Making Europe team ...