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Johan Schot (Series editor)

Johan Schot (Series editor)

Johan Schot is Director of the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex, and professor of history of technology and sustainability transitions. He is also Research Director of the Foundation for the History of Technology at the Technical University Eindhoven. He is one of the founders of the Tensions of Europe Network and he was its chairs from 2000-2013. In 2009 Johan Schot was elected to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). From September 2010 until July 2011 he worked as a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) in Wassenaar, writing and editing a six-volume book series (see www.makingeurope.eu). The book series, entitled Making Europe: Technology and Transformation 1850-2000, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013-2015. Based on the book series he initiated and leads the establishment of the European Science and Technology Museum Inventing Europe (see www.inventingeurope.eu)

His work ranges from history of technology, science and technology studies, technology assessment and transition studies with a focus on sustainable development issues.
Recent publications
Johan Schot and Frank Schipper, 'Experts and European Transport Integration 1945-1958, Journal of European Public Policy (2011), 18 (2), 274-293.
Technology and the Making of the Netherlands: The Age of Contested Modernization, 1890-1970. Edited by Johan Schot, Harry Lintsen and Arie Rip. The MIT Press copublished with Walberg Pers, 2010.
Transitions to Sustainable Development. By John Grin, Jan Rotmans, Johan Schot, in collaboration with Frank Geels and Derk Loorbach. Routledge, 2010.
Kiran Klaus Patel and Johan Schot, 'Twisted Paths to European Integration: Comparing Agriculture and Transport Policies in a Transnational Perspective', Contemporary European History (2011), 20 (4), 383-403.
Johan Schot and Vincent Lagendijk, 'Technocratic Internationalism in the Interwar Years: Building Europe on Motorways and Electricity Networks', Journal of Modern European History (2008), 6 (2), 196-216.
Th.J. Misa and J.W. Schot, 'Inventing Europe: Technology and the Hidden Integration of Europe', History and Technology (2005), 21 (1), 1-20.