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Judith Schueler

Judith Schueler

Judith Schueler is Managing Director of Next Generation Infrastructures, a large, international research consortium that fosters research on infrastructure systems. Infrastructures in all its aspects captured her interest during her studies and career. Judith graduated from Maastricht University in Arts and Culture. She received her MA degree in Society, Science and Technology in Europe from Maastricht University and the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. She did her PhD research at the Eindhoven University of Technology and at the ETH Zurich as a visiting scholar. In 2008, Aksant Academic Publishers published her thesis ‘Materialising Identity. The co-construction of the Gotthard Railways and Swiss national identity’. Judith continued her research on tunneling at the Deutsches Museum in Munich on the cultural history of the Simplon tunnel. She made a move from studying infrastructures to managing, when she started a foresight project on transnational infrastructure networks for the STT Study Centre for Technology Trends in The Hague, chaired by the former Minister of Transport Karla Peijs. As a legacy of this project, Judith remains editor-in-chief of the HubHolland.Magazine.

As Managing Director of Next Generation Infrastructures one of her major tasks is to disseminate the academic knowledge generated in the Next Generation Infrastructures’ program to a broader interested public. Next Generation Infrastructures sponsors the Virtual Exhibit. As Managing Director of Next Generation Infrastructures Judith Schueler serves as a project advisor of the Virtual Exhibit.