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Mikael Hård

Mikael Hård is professor of history of technology at Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. He holds an M.A. from Princeton University, USA, and a PhD from Gothenburg University, Sweden. He is co-editor of NTM – Journal of History of Science, Technology, and Medicine and co-director of the graduate program Topology of Technology in Darmstadt.

In the last decade Hård has been developing a cultural history of technology. In addition to investigating the role of machines and gadgets in daily life, he expands the history of technology to include aspects such as tourism, consumption, colonialism, hygiene, and housing. European Technological Dramas, book 3 in the book series, is an outcome of this interest. An earlier monograph in this direction was Hubris and Hybrids: A Cultural History of Technology and Science (New York: Routledge, 2005) which he wrote together with Andrew Jamison.

Parallel to these activities Hård has in recent years done research on the urban history of technology. Together with Thomas J. Misa he edited the collection of essays Urban Machinery: Inside Modern European Cities (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2008; paperback ed. 2010). This anthology includes studies on the history of urban technological networks, traffic planning, and so-called science cities.

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Ruth Oldenziel

Ruth Oldenziel is professor at Eindhoven University of Technology. She received her PhD from Yale University in American History in 1992 after graduate training in American Studies at Smith College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the University of Amsterdam. She has been a fellow at Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware and a senior fellow at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, the Lemelson Center in Washington, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies, and Georgetown University.

She has been a guest lecturer to Stanford, Princeton,  Michigan, Sorbonne, Science Museum London, Berlin Free University,  Munich TU, University of Antwerp, KU Leuven, Central University  Budapest, University of Athens.

Her publications include books and articles in the area of American, gender and technology studies:  Cold War Kitchen. Americanization, Technology, and European Users (2010); Manufacturing Technology. Manufacturing Consumers (2010); Gender and Technology. A Reader (2003); Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges (2000); Schoon Genoeg (1998); Making Technology Masculine: Men, Women and Modern Machines in America, 1870-1945 (1999); 'Boys and their Toys in America' (1997); Gender and the Meanings of Technology: Engineering in the U.S., 1880-1945 (1992).

Oldenziel regularly serves as a commentator on American issues for Dutch radio, TV, and print media and also lectures extensively on the subject for a general audience. She is board member of the Fulbright Center, the Netherlands American Studies Association and served as chair of Humanity in Action, The Netherlands (2006-2010).