Who is Who


Andreas Fickers

Andreas Fickers is Professor for Contemporary and Digital History at the University of Luxembourg. Until 2013 he was Associate Professor for Comparative Media History at Maastricht University (NL). He has studies history, philosophy and sociology at the RWTH Aachen in Germany and at the Université de Champagne-Ardenne in Reims /France. He spend some time at the Deutsches Museum in Munich and Bonn before returning to Aachen University where he defended his PhD on the European struggle for a colour television standard in 2002. In 2003 he was appointed Assistant Professor on Television History at Utrecht University. Here he set up the European Television History Network (ETHN) and concentrated his research on comparative and transnational approaches to the European history of radio and television. He is actively engaged in the Tensions of Europe Network and actually President of the German Association for the History of Medicine, Science and Technology. Recent publications include A European Television History (edited with Jonathan Bignell / Blackwell-Wiley 2008) and Materializing Europe. Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe (edited with Alexander Badenoch, Palgrave-Macmillan 2010).


Pascal Griset

Pascal Griset is Professor of History at the Sorbonne (Paris-IV) since 1998. He is a specialist of the economic and technical history of information and communication technologies. Within the Irice Institute (CNRS-Sorbonne), he is in charge of the Research center in History of Innovation. He chairs the interdisciplinary commission « Sciences de la Communication » of the French Research Council CNRS. Former student of the Institute for Industrial Strategies he is at present time vice-president of the French Association for the History of Computers and Telecommunications and administrator of the French Committee for the History of the Post office. He participates in the committee of editorial staff of reviews « Histoire Economie, Société », « Hermès » (CNRS), « Flux » ( ENPC), « Le temps des Medias ». Recent publications include: “ Je t’aime moi non plus : The development of Atlantic submarine cables and the complexity of the French-American dialogue, 1870-1960” , in  Bernard S Finn; Daqing Yang (ed), Communications under the seas : the evolving cable network and its implications, MIT Press, 2009, 360 pages, pp 157-180. Alain Beltran et Pascal Griset, Histoire d’un pionnier de l’informatique : 40 ans de recherche à l’Inria, EDP Sciences, Paris, 2007, 287 p. Nicole d’Almeida, Pascal Griset et Serge Proulx (ed) : Hermès (CNRS Edition), n° 50, « Innover-Communiquer », avril 2008.