Europeans Globalizing: Mapping, Exploiting, Exchanging

by Maria Paula Diogo and Dirk van Laak

Published September 2016


Technology was key to European colonialism.

Via technology, Europeans mapped non-European territories—and controlled the flow of people and resources, goods and information. Read stories of technologies introduced and creatively adopted. Discover how globalization as we know it differs from what Europeans once intended.


Seven reasons to buy this unique contribution to European history:

- The book highlights the key role of technologies for European – non-European relations

- It shows how Europeans during the 19th/20th century aimed to map, control and exploit much of the world

- It presents a different story of European colonialism

- It discusses unintended side-effects of the globalization process

- It examines the emergence of international exchange in information, resources and goods

- It is a vivid narrative of cultural clashes and creative adoptions

- It uses illuminating examples from Africa to Australia and from Asia to America