Making Europe: Technology and Transformations, 1850-2000.


Have you ever thought about the making of Europe?
Who was involved in shaping it? And what exactly is ‘Europe’?

The 6 richly illustrated and compelling volumes of the Making Europe book series take you on a discovery journey through 150 years of European advances and disasters, divisions and re-unions. By introducing you to the experts, innovators, technologies and institutions that fundamentally shaped modern Europe, Making Europe unravels how we all impacted the way it is built and experienced today. 

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Wolfram Kaiser


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The Making Europe book series blends the sharp analysis and critical knowledge of 14 distinguished historians who, in a decade-long project, have researched modern European history on an unprecedented scale.


  • "This series reframes the grand theme of European history and identity from a technology based perspective. Genuinely pan-European in scope. A refreshingly ambitious and original collaborative project."

    The EASST council announcing the Freeman Award
    September 19, 2014